5 Oct 2011

The Golden Mirror

Now that this mountain of time is falling upon you and the realization of your relevance in the scheme of things has become apparent to you, you feel the urgency, the pressure to see through the wall into the outside.

The Gift of the Rainbow – the talisman that we wear to break through the silence and alert the memory of the heart.

“This place is rich with embroideries, with lies and daemons, with unconscious forms spiralling through dreams, risen from the surface attracted to reflections in which they merge.  It is not a quiet place.  It’s silence deafening.  It’s darkness blinding."

The Golden Mirror opens, to whisper the seal and to protect the doorway with the sigil of your true name.
There we meet in the spaces between the earth and sky.

"When you are reduced from this high place,  you will see that the dead surround you, moving in circles of repetition and you must move within the circle also, must place your feet once more upon the ground of the earth and work in it’s oblivion until it is your season. 

It is not given to you to interfere with the schemes of the others, to penetrate their shields, to raise the Question within them.  Each must be allowed their own time and place. 

However, the talisman can be seen by those who wear it, and though solitude is the way, you may touch the hand and heart of those who pass you on your way.

one divided by seven